How To Choose The Best Fertility Clinic In Lagos, Nigeria

If you have finally decided to resort to  fertility treatment in Lagos to get pregnant, you’d be willing to find the best one around. Fertility clinics in Lagos assess your sexual and medical history, identify possible infertility causes, and recommend a particular treatment. However, not all of them may be equally good and it is important that you consider a number of factors before settling on one. So, let’s have a look at different factors that should be taken into consideration when you go through the list of fertility clinics in Lagos.

  1. Diagnostic Procedures

One of the first things that you may want to consider is if a particular clinic carries out a complete range of tests for clearly diagnosing your issues before treatment. You should ask them if every patient is offered a uterine X-ray when needed or if they examine X-rays that have been taken at another hospital earlier. See if the IVF center in Lagos takes hormone tests when the menstrual cycle begins, detailed scans and necessary sperm function tests prior to committing their patients to the IVF treatment. All these diagnostics are necessary and any reliable fertility clinic in Lagos state should undergo these tests for proper assessment of your condition.

  1. Counseling Services

Before you decide on a particular fertility clinic, it is important to ask if they offer every patient an independent counselor without adding up to the overall IVF cost in Lagos. IVF treatments can be quite stressful and patients must be able to talk to somebody who isn’t part of their everyday treatment to give them some objective advice.

  1. Range of Treatments on Offer

Ask to find out if the clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments for infertility or they are limited to only the specific types. Try to avoid clinics where IVF is the only course of action because that’s not the best thing for the patients.

  1. What Is The Clinic’s Cost of IVF In Lagos?

IVF cost in Lagos should include everything for the entire IVF cycle except for the drugs. If a particular clinic is charging much more compared to others, you should try exploring other options. Stay aware of any clinics that bill you additionally for any ultrasound examinations, pregnancy tests, and/or additional consultations. Remember, IVF is already an expensive procedure and you shouldn’t be shelling out your money on these add-ons.

  1. How Do They Monitor Every Treatment Cycle?

In general, fertility clinics in Lagos that carry out hormone tests regularly throughout the hormone cycle get better results. They also tend to report fewer complications during the procedure. So, it is important to ask how a particular clinic monitors their treatment cycles to ensure better results.

There can be other considerations to make like ovarian stimulation regime and sperm tests regime. Just make sure that you consider all pertinent details before singling out the best IVF center in Lagos. Only the best fertility specialist in Lagos like ARK fertility clinic Lagos can help save you time, money, and the hassle while treating your infertility issues.


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