Fertility Problems

What Fertility Problems Can IVF Centers In Lagos Help You With?

In Vitro Fertilization has long been used for treating genetic or infertility problems and there are some credible IVF centers in Lagos that can give you the treatment. IVF treatment in Lagos might start with some less-invasive treatments such as fertility drugs for increasing egg production or intrauterine insemination where the sperms are directly placed into the uterus when the time of ovulation is about to begin. In other instances, your fertility specialist in Lagos might want to go with IVF as your primary infertility treatment if you have crossed the age of 40.

There are certain conditions in which IVF clinics in Lagos can come to your rescue. If you or your partner has developed one of the following conditions, you should look for a credible Fertility Clinic in Lagos.

  1. Fallopian Tube Blockage Or Damage

Due to the blockage in fallopian tube, or if it has been damaged, it becomes hard for the eggs to get fertilized. It also makes it difficult for the embryo to get to the uterus. IVF can be a good treatment option in this condition.

  1. Ovulation Disorders

Due to infrequent or no ovulation, fewer eggs exist for fertilization to happen. IVF can be a way out for you.

  1. Endometriosis

This is the condition when your uterine tissue implants itself outside the uterus and starts growing. This often impacts the ovarian function negatively and can also affect the fallopian tubes and uterus. Ark Fertility Clinic Lagos can help you with this condition.

  1. Previous Tubal Removal or Sterilization

If you have previously undergone tubal ligation – a certain sterilization process that cuts the fallopian tubes or permanently blocks them for preventing pregnancy – and now you want to have a baby, IVF can be your alternative to have tubal ligation reversal.

  1. Impaired Sperm Function Or Production

Below-average concentration of sperms, poor mobility, or sperm abnormalities can all cause problems in fertilizing the eggs. In case of such semen abnormalities, it is advised to visit fertility clinics in Lagos where a specialist can tell if these problems are correctable or not.

  1. Genetic Disorders

If there is a potential risk that you or your partner might be passing on some genetic disorder to the child, you should consider pre-implantation genetic testing – a procedure involving in vitro fertilization. After harvesting the eggs and fertilizing them, screening for specific genetic problems is done and eventually the embryos which do not have any identified issues are transferred into the uterus.

  1. Fertility Preservation In Case Of Cancer

If you are just about to begin your cancer treatment – like chemotherapy or radiation – it seriously damage your fertility. IVF clinics in Lagos can help you preserve fertility by undergoing the IVF treatment. In this case, the eggs can be harvested from the ovaries of the women and the frozen unfertilized to be used later. Alternately, the eggs can also be fertilized before freezing them as embryos for use in future.

So, if you have any of these conditions, IVF can be a practical treatment option for you. You can get IVF treatment at fertility hospitals in Lagos and have a child by effectively treating all these conditions listed above.