In Nigeria, today many couples are facing infertility problems and this issue is rising day by day. In order to solve this, one needs a good fertility specialist who provides specialized treatment for infertility.

The ARK clinic has emerged one of the preferred choice of fertility specialist clinics in Lagos. We  provides complete holistic fertility treatment like IUI, IVF, donor program etc for both men and women adhering to the best international standards.

Why choose The ARK Clinic as your preferred Fertility Specialist in Lagos ?

Innovation: We at ARK are innovation driven and apply the latest  medical practices and wellness programs for the welfare of our patients.

Experienced Team: We always strive for excellence in catering high quality services through our efficient and experienced team of fertility specialists in order to outpace international standards.

Counselling Support: We ensure that every couple should have the best possible experience throughout the fertility treatment. Our Counselling support offers psycho-social assistance to every couple to deal with difficult circumstances during the infertility process and enables individuals to have more control on feelings, physical health and relationships to make fertility treatment more successful.

Variety of Fertility treatments: We at ARK provide you the whole array of fertility treatments for both men and women at affordable cost.

Custom designed fertility treatments: Through accurate blood testing and constant monitoring, we provide best custom designed fertility treatments in Lagos to every prospective parent.

Happy and satisfied customers: We have a proven track record of happy and satisfied customers to whom we have given the happiness of parenthood through our specialised fertility treatments and are delighted that we were a part of their journey.

Fertility Treatments available at The ARK Clinic

Intrauterine Insemination Program (IUI): In this treatment partner’s sperm or a donor sperm is pre-treated to extract the best quality sperm and then injected directly into the uterus to reach the fallopian tubes through a thin and flexible tube called catheter to increase the chances of fertilisation.

In-Vitro Fertilisation Program (IVF): In this treatment a fertility specialist doctor uses a very fine needle to take out eggs from the woman’s ovaries in order to fertilize these eggs with sperm in a lab and left to mature into embryos. After a few days these embryos are transplanted back into the uterus.

Egg Donor Program: In this treatment, if a female partner’s eggs are not viable for fertilisation then donor eggs are advisable to produce embryos with the husband sperm. Donors’ health and family history are checked and verified before the process.

Sperm Donor Program: In this treatment, male partner’s sperm is investigated and if it is not found viable for IVF or IUI treatment, then donor sperm is suggested to produce embryos. Donors’ health and family history are checked and verified before the process.

Surrogacy Program: In this treatment, when couples are unable to conceive a child due to some health issues, then surrogacy treatment is advised in which surrogate woman’s womb is used to carry embryos made from couples egg and sperm or from a donor program.

Embryo Freezing: Embryo freezing facility is provided at the ARK for a nominal cost, in which embryo is frozen at our facility after the treatment for successive transfer for conceiving.


The husband’s sperm or a donor sperm (will discuss this option with you, if after investigations, we believe this is a viable option for pregnancy) is injected into your uterus via a thin, flexible tube (catheter). The sperm sample is pre-treated to extract the best quality sperm


A specialist doctor removes eggs from the woman’s ovaries using an extremely fine needle. The eggs are fertilized with sperm in a laboratory and left to grow into embryos. The embryos are transplanted back into your uterus after 3 – 5 days.


A single sperm is injected into a single egg and the resulting embryo is transplanted into your uterus.


This involves using the egg of another woman (we recommend this when the eggs being produced by a woman is not viable and it may be advisable to use donor eggs) with the husband sperm to produce embryos. All donors are screened with respect to health and family history.


This treatment is based on investigations resulting in husband’s sperm not being viable for an IVF or IUI treatment. An anonymous donor is recommended. All donors are screened with respect to health and family history

Surrogacy – Gestational Carrier Programme

Another woman carries a baby for a couple through to birth, after which you legally become the baby’s parents. Your baby may grow from an embryo made from your egg and your partner’s sperm, or from a donor programs


Embryo resulting from a treatment can be frozen at our facility for a charge. This embroyoes are used for further treatments.


At the ARK, its important to us that you have the best possible experience throughout your fertility treatment journey because we understand that infertility is not just a medical or biological issue.

Our counseling services help couples deal with difficult circumstances around infertility journey to conception using psycho-social support that enables individuals experience more control of their treatment, feelings, physical health and relationships.