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The husband’s sperm or a donor sperm (will discuss this option with you, if after investigations, we believe this is a viable option for pregnancy) is injected into your uterus via a thin, flexible tube (catheter). The sperm sample is pre-treated to extract the best quality sperm

A specialist doctor removes eggs from the woman’s ovaries using an extremely fine needle. The eggs are fertilised with sperm in a laboratory and left to grow into embryos. The embryos are transplanted back into your uterus after 3 – 5 days.


A single sperm is injected into a single egg and the resulting embryo is transplanted into your uterus.

This involves using the egg of another woman (we recommend this when the eggs being produced by a woman is not viable and it may be advisable to use donor eggs) with the husband sperm to produce embryos. All donors are screened with respect to health and family history.

This treatment is based on investigations resulting in husband’s sperm not being viable for an IVF or IUI treatment. An anonymous donor is recommended. All donors are screened with respect to health and family history

Another woman carries a baby for a couple through to birth, after which you legally become the baby’s parents. Your baby may grow from an embryo made from your egg and your partner’s sperm, or from a donor programs

Embryo resulting from a treatment can be frozen at our facility for a charge. This embroyoes are used for further treatments.

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