September 2013

I knew Dr. B from a friend who’s wife works at the Ark even though at that time I was not considering fertility treatments. My first baby, I experienced 3 miscarriages and thought to seek answers about the losses. I remembered Br. B because the first time I met her, I sensed her passion for her work and her positive nature and most importantly, I was drawn by the fact that the entire work force respected God. Therefore, God is in this too.

She encouraged my husband and I to go for IVF and said “you have a high chance of success…by God’s grace”. After much delibration, we agreed to go through the procedure.

I must say thank God for He really made it a success the first time with double blessing and I must say it was all worth it. While I went through this, the message was clear, I had to pray also and join my faith with Dr. B, Dr. J and other staffs of the Ark for my success

I have carried this pregnancy into the second trimester as at today which is beyond the timing for the previous losses and I am positive I will give birth to live beautiful babies without any complications. Thank God for my miracle, Thanks to my dear husband for all his support and thanks to the Drs and staff at the Ark.

Mrs. F

Thank God for my miracle

My husband and I have been waiting on God for over … years and it has been a tiresome journey discovering few challenges along the way. I was diagnosed with PCOS but at first refused to accept this and kept believing but thank God for wisdom. I heard about the ARK Klinic from 2 friends and met Dr. Bero at a programme, she was so encouraging and said to come around, my spirit fell in love with her because I knew she relied on God solely on God. We came around October 2012 after a miscarriage (spontaneous pregnancy July 2012) and we tried the IUI, which failed. Quite disappointed to try again (tests, injections and all the works), I decided to just take my mind off it. My husband who is really not a faith warrior shocked me one day and said whenever we deciede to try IVF, we’ll go to Dr. Bero, I like her spirit and this gave me peace. I saw a missed call on my phone from Dr. Bero months after and I first knew I had to try. We started the procedure in June 2013 and God used Dr. Bero and the whole Ark Klinic staff members even with the mild OHSS, fluid retention and draining.

Today we are blessed with our fruit of the womb and as he grows daily, week by week, I bless God for using the Ark to bless us and indeed life will come out of life at the appointed time in Jesus Name. We soak this testimony in the blood of Jesus and encourage every couple trusting God, He is a faithful God, He is the God that works through the Ark, this was our 1st IVF attempt even with an AMH less than 1, God did it. We are totally grateful. God bless you Dr. Bero and every single member of the Ark family.


Mr. & Mrs. M.

God bless you

To God be the glory for He has confirmed His word. This is my second IVF both of them done at the Ark. I got pregnant in the first but it was filled with so much pain after which when I thought I had seen the worst I was told the babies had stopped breathing. It was really heart breaking.

But today I have a testimony, pregnant with twins or more and without all the pains of the first. But my greater testimony is the assurance that the Lord has given me hope that I will carry them to term. And for my shame, He will give me double.

I thank Dr. Bero and the staff of the Ark for their prayers and encouragement. For the Lord has really used them to bless me. All the Glory be to His name.

All the Glory be to His name


“and they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the lamb (Jesus, the lamb of God) and by the word of their testimony (my testimony) Rev 12

I am writing this testimony to the glory of God the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit and to the greatest shame of the devil.

I got married on 18th October 1997 at about a few months to my 31st birthday. After 2 years into the marriage, we sought medical help and the doctors gave us hope since there was no major medical challenge but we did not know we would fight against fruitlessness in our marriage for 16 solid years.

We came to the Ark around June 2013. I was struck by the word of God “…and two by two they left the Ark to replenish and multiply as God commanded”. I caught the Rhema of this word of God and believed it was for what God would do in my life.

Today, I am carrying two greatest wonderfully created babies in my womb. It was indeed a war against barreness, just like the word of Daddy E.A. Adeboye, at the Thursday service of 2013 convention. The Lord has actually won this war and all glory goes to my God, father and Redeemer, The Father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the soft spoken Dr. Oluwayemisi Adeyemi –Bero. The Lord will continually anoint your hands for greater exploits. Dr. JUmoke Akindele- Ogunro, you are a darling, you will be great and exalted in the medical profession. To all other staff, Jumoke, Busayo, joy, Osas and my dear Aunty Rachael, your smiles encouraged me when it seemed all hope was lost and others that I could not mention, you are all wonderful people.

Yes, Oyibo (the European woman), you are a great woman, I am carrying my twins now, just like you said on the day of embryo transfer.

I encourage every woman that reads this to believe my God for a miracle and trust the Ark Team to bring the will of God concerning fruitfulness to pass in your life.

I wish you success on the procedure, God bless

Mrs. O

Be on the lookout for a testimony of safe delivery in Jesus Name

I wish you success on the procedure, God bless

15 March 2013

We came to the Ark for the first time sometime in July 2012 after trying other fertility clinics where we had series of experiences and after waiting/ trying to conceive for 6 years. When I walked into the Clinic that fateful day, I was asking myself if I wasn’t making a mistake by leaving my last Clinic which was well known for where I am presently seated. While still in my thought I suddenly realised that something different – I could hear voices lifted in prayers and I was told that the supremacy of the Almighty God was acknowledged in the midst of the wonder of science.

My doubts were again eased when I eventually met with Dr. Bero and her lovely team of lovely doctors and after discussing treatment protocol. That night I told my husband that I was in to give IVF another try after abandoning it for over a year.

And the journey started again for us – the tests, drugs, injections, prayers etc. At the end of the treatment, God decide to favour us, 3 embryos were transferred and they became twins that we are now carrying today. It all happened within one cycle – something I would never have believed.

As at today am 29 weeks and every day, I thank God for remembering us and removing shame and reproach from our habitation. I want to encourage all going through this problem not to ever lose faith, it will happen eventually.

We wish to express our profound gratitude to ALL the members of staff, to my dear friend Grace, who directed us to the Ark and to the beautiful and dynamic Dr. Adeymi _Bero whom God has used to make us laugh so that all that hear would laugh with us.

You are all forever in our hearts.

Mr. & Mrs.

You are all forever in our hearts.

9th September 2013

Salam to you my reader

On the 9th of January 2013, I saw my period again (I was at work and I stood up and went to a doctor called Ademola of Beachland Hospital. After all the test, he decided that I should take out fibroid. I did this on the 26th of that 8 month.

He later said, if I decide that I cant wait any longer, I should go for IVF. I said lai lai, in Nigeria? Na fraud. He said nope, I’ll refer you to the Ark.

When I got to the Ark in June, I met Dr. ‘B’ and she was very nice (till now sef…) I refused some offers and she did not even allow me say much, she just ordered to start the procedure and forward I went. Let me jump the story because I can tell you in details.

After everything with her help and all her cheerful staff, I am now regarded and called ‘Iya Ibeta’ meaning God has blessed my womb with triplet. Imagine after 7years of marriage… trust, I am dancing Azonto…

With God, All Things Are Possible

May God continue to bless and guide this hospital, may He in His heart continue to use Doctor ‘B’ and her team to put smiles on so many faces, amin. I leave this space to put the pictures of my babies.

With God, All Things Are Possible

My Journey has been quite long and arduous to achieve motherhood. But I am truly thankful for the experience so far, they have built me in a great way.

I have done 3 IVF treatments that have actually resulted in positive outcome, before that I had experienced early losses of below 6 weeks and below. Although the 3 IVF positive pregnancies lead to losses. To the glory of God, I have taken in again at my 4th IVF treatment at the ARK and I know by God’s grace I shall further testify pass this point, where I will carry my baby to the glory of God.

Glory be to God

I and my family are thanking God for His faithfulness and mercy over us, for seeing us through this period of hay treatment in Ark Klinic.

I have to share my experience throughout the treatment. We travelled from Warri to Lagos nearly every month, weeks to scan but in all we give God the glory for the journey mercy to & fro. At the end of all we have a good result with the help of Dr. Bero, Racheal and the rest of the workers in Ark Klinic. May God Almighty continue to uplift them and wish as many couples that are looking for the fruit of the womb, Almighty God will use them to reach out to them and those who help me out will also see them through all their journey in Jesus Name. He who gave me triplet will also do the same to every woman that will step their feet on this Klinic in Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank You God

I thank God for using the team at Alpha Clinic to achieve a successful IVF. I waited for 14 years and conceived about 10 times with several miscarriages.

This successful conception was my 3rd IVF Cycle and God blessed us with a baby girl on June 12, 2013.


God blessed us with a baby girl

The heart desire for every woman is to grow up, get married to your dream guy and start having your children, but my dream took quite a while to actualize. My journey to having my own children started many years ago. The road was long and bumpy and the waiting endless. There were so many lonely streets and unfriendly people on the pathway to my testimony. But God’s love saw me through and strengthened my faith.

God was always there to direct my path and mine was to obey where he leads. On this fateful day he led me to one of the fertility clinic in Lagos, on reaching there I met this beautiful woman and we got talking; she was quite friendly and warm. When I left the hospital I was too sure that I found my destiny helper. My spirit wasn’t deceiving me because God used her to roll away the stone of disgrace and shame from my family.

Today I am a joyful mother of children. My unreserved gratitude goes to God Almighty who in his infinite mercy has shown me favour. I can’t thank Dr. Bero, Rachael and God fearing Ark team enough. You guys rock. God bless your team and Klinic.

Mr/ Mrs. I.E.

God bless your team and Klinic.