Blessed be God Almighty who has given men and the Ark wisdom to be a blessing to mankind.

My husband and I have been married for 10 years now. One thing we have believed God for were children which we could not conceive naturally. Somehow we came in contact with Dr. Bero and after some procedures, we had our first son. Five years later we decided to visit the Ark for another procedure. Upon consultation and administration of fertility procedure, we conceived our set of twin boys, giving us a total of three sons.

This testimony is to the glory of our God Almighty, who has used the great people at the Ark to assist us in bringing our God given children to this world.

We say thank you Lord Jesus,

Thank you Ark

Glory be to God.

Glory be to God


Bless the name of the Lord, I am now pregnant with my children after 9 years of marriage.

The journey was long and rough but I thank God for His Word never changes. It is yea & amen, He said it and fulfilled it. Exodus 23:26 –  No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in thy land and He will fulfil the number of my days.

Exo 3: 14 – For, I know whatever the Lord does shall be forever, Nothing can be done to it and nothing taken from it. God does it that men should fear before Him.

Thank God for removing shame from my life and making me a proud mother of children.

I also bless God for the wonderful care and treatment at the ARK. God truly is there doing wonders. I thank them for all the support and encouragement and prayers.

No more crying, sleepless nights and shame.

Praise, Glory & Honour to the Most High God, Alleluyah, Amen.



I and my family, we are giving thanks to the Almighty God who used a friend of my husband to introduce me to Dr. Adeyemi Bero of ARK CLINIC. So I came on that fateful day, met with the Dr. (Bero) who inturn explain to me all about IVF.

So my husband said we should go for it cos its our major scale of preference now, cos that is the joy of every family (children). We had to stop other projects we had at hand, so that we could face this IVF Project.

Today we are thanking God on that fateful day of the transfer, 3 embryos were transferred on 30/6/13 which resulted in twins.

The treatment, injection, drugs and prayers kept me going. My thanks goes to all the ARK KLINIC FAMILY to mention a few, Rachael, Ujo, Dr. Bero and others, may God keep you in good health to keep putting smiles on the faces of million families.

Million kisses from our heart to you all in Jesus Name- Amen

Mr. & Mrs. A

Million kisses from our heart

With gratitude to Almighty God, I wish to put down this little piece as a source of encouragement to as many as are in the position of Hannah.

Once I was barren, but now am made. It has been a long journey of 9 years+, precisely on the 30th of August 2013, my marriage will be 10 years. So I have actually gone round and round and somewhere along the line my prayer point changed – “God connect me with those you use to work your wonders”. This is how I got to the ARK.

The name touched me and made me inquisitive. My first day was a great experience because what I met on ground was different from my imaginations then I saw the inscription, “…two by two they left the Ark to replenish….” I told myself, God prove yourself.

What can I say other than to keep thanking God. I have heard of reproductive clinics where the name of God is used to dupe people but here it is different.

The conduct here put my mind at rest, honestly, God is still the same. Even as I write this, it is still like a dream, each time I wake myself up to the reality that I will soon be a mummy. I will tell as many as care to listen my experience and testimony.

In like manner, I will want to encourage the entire management and staff of ARK not to lose focus. It is not you but God and He will never desert you (Amen).

Dear Members of Hannah Group, now that you are here, relax your mind, if you have not given your life to Christ, please do. Pray for the Ark and be patient, take to all instructions and you will be amazed at the end result.

Good news coming your way soon. Thank you Lord because at last, I did not have to go abroad.

Thank you Lord